Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Prepare Your Video Emails

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An excellent way to sell your product or service is by creating video emails. You can start your video emails by writing down what you want to say. Make sure you stick with one subject. For example, if you are selling information on how to make money online you want to give one example of how to do it. Give the specific directions instead of being all over the place on all of the different things you can sell online.

Once you know what you are going to talk about you can practice in the mirror or in front of someone. After you feel you have what you want to present in your video down pat, you can now record it. Find a quiet place that you will not be interrupted. Make sure the room you are going to use is professional looking and not a mess. Speak clearly and loud enough. Use photos if you so choose. You may hold up your products so people can see them live versus a photograph.

Video emails are watched more frequently since the potential customers and customers you send them to do not have to click on a paperclip to view it. When more people watch your videos, this will increase your odds of selling more of your products and services. Start to enjoy more money in your pocket and bank account. All of your hard work will pay off.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Selling Your Handmade Clothing with Live Video Web Shows

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You work hard on creating clothing pieces. You are very creative and love making items. You have given multiple gifts to people. You may have lost your job, do not like your job or just want to earn some income. You can learn how to sell your clothing pieces with live video web shows.

The first live video web show can showcase your shop. If you work out of your home you can show the sewing machine, mannequin or mannequins you use and other products. The second live video web show you can share a few of your clothing pieces. Have a person model some of your clothing so potential customers can see what your creations look like on a person.

Share your videos on your website. Use Facebook and Twitter to share your videos and website. You can easily upload your video on Facebook and place a link to your website video on Twitter. Many people and companies use social networking to help advertise and sell their products and/or services. Keep adding friends and fans. Many people do add folks they do not know. You can add targeted friends by searching for people that belong to sweater or other clothing fan pages.

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Stay busy and keep on doing what you love to do. The best jobs are those that you can make money doing what you enjoy. Almost every day will feel like you are actually not working because you are so happy.

Creating live video web shows are a snap. You will love the exposure you gain by creating them.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Video E-mails to Sell Jewelry Online

If you are a jewelry artesian and want to spread the word about your jewelry pieces you can easily do so with video e-mails. Watch your sales increase as more and more people see your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, etc.

Place your jewelry on a piece of black velvet or a color that compliments your jewelry. You may want to ask friends and family members to model for your videos so customers can see how beautiful your jewelry actually looks on a person. You may also run specials from time to time on jewelry that has not sold in a certain amount of time. Jewelry give-a-ways are a great opportunity as well. Ask everyone on your customer/potential customer e-mail list to forward one or more of your video e-mails to their friends and family members on their e-mail list. If someone recommends a person and they buy some of your jewelry, you can give the person that referred them to you a free piece of jewelry.

To create a video e-mail you can showcase a few of your jewelry pieces.

Share with potential buyers how you made one of the jewelry pieces. You can make separate video tutorials on how to make a jewelry piece. People will come back for more and more of your videos and check out your website when you share this exciting information with them. You will make more sales as you will have many other jewelry pieces on your website that people can order.

You may choose to send a video e-mail one time per week. You may want to set it up so that you send it the same day and around the same time each week. This way, potential customers will get used to hearing from you on this date and time. Many customers will look forward to the day of the week you share your video e-mail with them.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Web shows - Flying Private Charter Jet VS Commercial

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If you are a private charter jet company you can up your client list by performing web shows on your website. Some ideas on the types of live web shows include: sharing with potential customers why it is better to fly private charter jet versus commercial. Some fantastic points to bring up is that the customer can choose the date and time that the flight takes off. The customer can request certain beverages and even catered meals. If the customer has a dog he/she can bring the dog on the private charter jet as long as there is notice given ahead.

When you fly commercial airplane you may have to get up in the middle of the night to take your flight. You are at the airlines beckon call. You may have to stop in another state and switch over to another commercial airplane. Surely your food will not be as delicious as it would be on a private charter jet, nor do you get to choose what you want to eat.

When you share your live web shows you can also add information about your private charter jet or jets. You can give a tour of one or more of the jets inside and out. Potential customers will get to see first hand how plush and luxurious your private charter jet(s) truly are.

With live web shows you may share flight specials you may have from time to time with your potential customers. Surely the live web show can improve your business for the better.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Video E-mails to Boost Your Book Sales

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If you are a new author you need to get the word out that your book has been published. You can accomplish this by sending video e-mails to all of your friends and family. Ask your friends and family to share your video e-mail with all of their friends and family members on their e-mail list. Many folks do not mind doing this to help a person they love.

The video e-mails that you create can share something important about your new book. You can share some of the storyline with people to get them interested in your book and make more sales.

Your video e-mails can also talk about how you started writing. People like to learn more about the authors of good books. Many people are fascinated with writing and would like to learn more. Some folks are absolutely terrible at writing and they would like to learn how someone is so creative and can become very creative.

Video e-mails are amazing as when they are e-mailed the person can watch it right away versus having to click on a paperclip. Many times when people see the little paperclip they simply delete the e-mail message.

You can post a link to the video you created onto your book’s website. This way your video is there for all of the traffic that comes to your book’s website. You can post a link of your website on, Barnes & Nobel, etc., to target the correct traffic you want to come to your book’s website.

Other ideas include giving away free books to people by answering trivia questions with regards to your new book, making t-shirts with your book cover on, etc.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Helping People Lose Weight With Live Web Shows

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If you are a professional weight loss expert such as a nutritionist, trainer, physician, etc., you can help people lose weight with web shows.

Your web shows can showcase tips on losing weight. You can share foods you cook for yourself that are healthy. Put on a cooking show if you so choose. This is a wonderful way to get people that want to lose weight hungry for a healthy meal versus a deep fried meal or fast food meal. You can share live web shows that show different exercises that benefit different areas of the body. One day you may share excellent arm exercises, another day share leg work-outs, etc. Your live web shows can be inspirational to get people up and exercising, eating healthy and benefiting from better health.

Live web shows can show people before and after they started listening to your exercise and weight loss program. This will give others inspiration as well.

Now how do you make money? You can have a website with products you highly support. Place your favorite tennis shoes, stop watches, nutritional powders, exercise tools, cookbooks, etc. Use these products in your live web shows. Make your products affordable with a mark-up so you make money. You can also share a weight loss program that you completely believe in. Have people pay for your healthful tips that truly work. You may want to offer a free phone number or e-mail address that is exclusive to those that paid for your exercise and weight loss program.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Networking Your Business

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These days you do not only have the locals in your area as well as the surrounding areas that can purchase and benefit from your business. With technology you now can reach people throughout the world. As long as the other person has the Internet, your business has the potential to reach them.

Ways to network your business include using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. When using these social media networks you can cross advertise. In other words, you give the other business a plug on your page and the same business gives your business a plug on their Facebook or Twitter page. Make sure the link to the business is included. By doing so, you are helping the rankings of both of your businesses as your link is being used on other pages on the web besides your own.

Web shows will help improve your online business as well. You can reach millions of potential customers by having a web show on your website from time to time. Customers will learn about your business, learn how to use your products and any other helpful information you are willing to share. Keep your web shows high quality and informative for customers to keep coming back for more.

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Affiliated marketing is another brilliant idea to network your business. Affiliate marketing usually works by using a website or a blog. Many potential customers and current customers can read about your business this way. When you reach the masses you are likely to improve your earnings. Share the blogs with other social networks that are popular such as Ezine, Skidoo, ArticleMarketer, etc., and you are reaching even more readers.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Web Show for Your Online Business

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If you are just starting up your own online business there is no better way to kick it off the ground then to have a web show. First you will need to set up your own website. Once you get a website that is not too busy/distracting with glittery icons or other items, also easy to navigate around and has an area where customers can purchase your products, you are now ready to start an online web show for your business.

With your web show you should make it interesting and to the point. You do not want to talk on and on about something that may bore your potential customers. You want to get to the point because if you do not, the potential customer can stop your web show with a simple click of the mouse. You want to make the products and/or services you are promoting to sound like something the customer cannot live without.

Ideas on types of web shows: You may have another web show that will explain your business. Another web show may consist of “how to do” tutorials to share with your customers. Choose one subject when doing your web show and stick with it. You do not want to be all over the board with your topics. You will have plenty of opportunity to explain more information about your business.

To get folks interested in your website, start up a Facebook and Twitter page. Build up your friend list with people that would be interested in your products and/or services. Once you add more folks to your network you can have yet another web show for your potential customers.

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By staying consistent with your posts on your products and/or services and adding frequent web shows you can enjoy a successful online business. For more information please visit

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Live Online Streaming

Live online streaming has many benefits in this day and age. It is both a convenient and comfortable method of marketing and advertising a business for consumers. It allows consumers to watch live feed and also be a part of its development. The only hardware needed is a computer and a reliable connection to the internet. Just about anything can be viewed via live online streaming. For example, consumers can watch the Cricket World Cup or the Olympic Games. There are hundreds of internet service providers that offer live online streaming to computer users.
Live Online Streaming advertising New Mobile Phones

Moreover, many business have begun to utilize live online streaming to benefit the products and services they offer. For example, many companies use live online streaming to showcase their products to the world. Live online streaming for businesses has been a very beneficial and cost efficient marketing method. Live online streaming can be further advertised with email marketing, video email marketing and more. For more information please visit

Monday, February 7, 2011

Free Website Traffic

Free website traffic is a scarcely heard term as many people do not believe it is even possible to generate traffic without a plausible method of marketing and advertising. Both are costly and without them, a business may continue unknown to their target market. However, there is such a thing as free website traffic and is easily obtainable once the correct steps have been followed.

Free website traffic, however, is cost effective but time consuming. Instead of finding programs and software that cost money to advertise for you, you will be left to do all this by yourself. In this case instead of money being spent, time instead if being used. Firstly, hopping unto various social networks is a method of gaining free website traffic. Social networks are very popular nowadays as they hold a vast number of people and have tools that allow the sharing of information to go by much faster and in real time. The first step to generating free website traffic is to create a business account on several social networking sites and promoting the business from there.

Secondly, blogging by writing articles and posting them on blogs is a very useful method of gaining free website traffic. A well written article will take between 20-40 minutes and will not take too much time out of a day but content for a blog will always have to be recycled and refreshed to keep the interest from consumers alive.

Lastly, web promotion goes by easily with the help of video marketing tools. These include podcasts, live web streams, video email marketing and much more. These are some of the most effective ways of generating free website traffic. has many ways to help generate online traffic.

Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Make Money Online: Affiliate Marketing

Making money over the Internet can sometimes be a difficult task. However there are several ways in which this can be done easily and effectively. Internet marketing is very important in terms of building a consumer base and making money on the Internet.

Affiliate marketing is also another successful method of marketing a business and making money online. There are several tactics involved which can effectively make a fortunes.  

  1. Firstly, an affiliate marketer is able to market and promote any product regardless of type. These products can be either physical or informational. Affiliates must first decide what type of products they want to promote as well as the company selling them. Affiliates often start out with informational products which, with dedication, can provide them with a big payout. For instance ClickBank is a popular affiliate program website which allows persons to choose and promote products based on type. There are several categories available on the website like dog training, blogging, going green and weight loss.
  2. Affiliate marketers often work from a website or blog. These forums are ways in which to reach multiple people at once as long as content is popular and easy to access. Affiliate marketing on HubPages and Squidoo is very popular and has a high ratio of successfully affiliate marketers. Search engine spiders is also a popular method of having your blog or site adequately found on search engines.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Social Bookmarking: Links for Your Website

Social bookmarking is a great website promotion tool. Not every social website will be effective marketing tools. The best ones are those that allow their users to post websites and blogs that they like. These websites often tag these links and categorize them. Social bookmarks can be easily shared with a collection of people so  as to promote a brand or company quickly and efficiently. Below is a list of a few great and useful social bookmarking sites many businesses are trying nowadays.

Delicious allows users to submit or post online content which can be educational or fun for the internet population. Tags such as keywords are used to categorize submissions. Delicious also allows users to keep a bookmark of the sites they promote or even subscribe to certain tags. This can become very useful for businesses as they will always be up to date with resources, materials, competition and new trends.

Reddit is similar to Delicious as it is too a social bookmarking site. Once users register they can share sites and information with others through bookmarks. Users can also vote on tags and bookmarks making them more popular than others.

Digg is one of the most popular social networking site today. It lays emphasis on technical fields like science and technology. Digg is very popular amongst people who enjoy conversation and commentary.

Mixx is another very useful social networking site although not very popular. Mixx is filled with useful content like stories and videos. Users can pick a category and find multiple content that can be bookmarked and shared with others.

Lastly, StumbleUpon is a very popular social bookmarking site that many people are using today. It allows persons to surf the web and provide content for the site at the same time. There are also dedicated internet surfers that find interesting and unique websites to share with the internet populace.

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