Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Helping People Lose Weight With Live Web Shows

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If you are a professional weight loss expert such as a nutritionist, trainer, physician, etc., you can help people lose weight with web shows.

Your web shows can showcase tips on losing weight. You can share foods you cook for yourself that are healthy. Put on a cooking show if you so choose. This is a wonderful way to get people that want to lose weight hungry for a healthy meal versus a deep fried meal or fast food meal. You can share live web shows that show different exercises that benefit different areas of the body. One day you may share excellent arm exercises, another day share leg work-outs, etc. Your live web shows can be inspirational to get people up and exercising, eating healthy and benefiting from better health.

Live web shows can show people before and after they started listening to your exercise and weight loss program. This will give others inspiration as well.

Now how do you make money? You can have a website with products you highly support. Place your favorite tennis shoes, stop watches, nutritional powders, exercise tools, cookbooks, etc. Use these products in your live web shows. Make your products affordable with a mark-up so you make money. You can also share a weight loss program that you completely believe in. Have people pay for your healthful tips that truly work. You may want to offer a free phone number or e-mail address that is exclusive to those that paid for your exercise and weight loss program.

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