Monday, February 21, 2011

Web shows - Flying Private Charter Jet VS Commercial

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If you are a private charter jet company you can up your client list by performing web shows on your website. Some ideas on the types of live web shows include: sharing with potential customers why it is better to fly private charter jet versus commercial. Some fantastic points to bring up is that the customer can choose the date and time that the flight takes off. The customer can request certain beverages and even catered meals. If the customer has a dog he/she can bring the dog on the private charter jet as long as there is notice given ahead.

When you fly commercial airplane you may have to get up in the middle of the night to take your flight. You are at the airlines beckon call. You may have to stop in another state and switch over to another commercial airplane. Surely your food will not be as delicious as it would be on a private charter jet, nor do you get to choose what you want to eat.

When you share your live web shows you can also add information about your private charter jet or jets. You can give a tour of one or more of the jets inside and out. Potential customers will get to see first hand how plush and luxurious your private charter jet(s) truly are.

With live web shows you may share flight specials you may have from time to time with your potential customers. Surely the live web show can improve your business for the better.

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