Friday, February 18, 2011

Video E-mails to Boost Your Book Sales

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If you are a new author you need to get the word out that your book has been published. You can accomplish this by sending video e-mails to all of your friends and family. Ask your friends and family to share your video e-mail with all of their friends and family members on their e-mail list. Many folks do not mind doing this to help a person they love.

The video e-mails that you create can share something important about your new book. You can share some of the storyline with people to get them interested in your book and make more sales.

Your video e-mails can also talk about how you started writing. People like to learn more about the authors of good books. Many people are fascinated with writing and would like to learn more. Some folks are absolutely terrible at writing and they would like to learn how someone is so creative and can become very creative.

Video e-mails are amazing as when they are e-mailed the person can watch it right away versus having to click on a paperclip. Many times when people see the little paperclip they simply delete the e-mail message.

You can post a link to the video you created onto your book’s website. This way your video is there for all of the traffic that comes to your book’s website. You can post a link of your website on, Barnes & Nobel, etc., to target the correct traffic you want to come to your book’s website.

Other ideas include giving away free books to people by answering trivia questions with regards to your new book, making t-shirts with your book cover on, etc.

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