Friday, February 25, 2011

Selling Your Handmade Clothing with Live Video Web Shows

*Photo credit Jill2Day

You work hard on creating clothing pieces. You are very creative and love making items. You have given multiple gifts to people. You may have lost your job, do not like your job or just want to earn some income. You can learn how to sell your clothing pieces with live video web shows.

The first live video web show can showcase your shop. If you work out of your home you can show the sewing machine, mannequin or mannequins you use and other products. The second live video web show you can share a few of your clothing pieces. Have a person model some of your clothing so potential customers can see what your creations look like on a person.

Share your videos on your website. Use Facebook and Twitter to share your videos and website. You can easily upload your video on Facebook and place a link to your website video on Twitter. Many people and companies use social networking to help advertise and sell their products and/or services. Keep adding friends and fans. Many people do add folks they do not know. You can add targeted friends by searching for people that belong to sweater or other clothing fan pages.

*Photo credit: Jill2Day

Stay busy and keep on doing what you love to do. The best jobs are those that you can make money doing what you enjoy. Almost every day will feel like you are actually not working because you are so happy.

Creating live video web shows are a snap. You will love the exposure you gain by creating them.

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