Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Social Bookmarking: Links for Your Website

Social bookmarking is a great website promotion tool. Not every social website will be effective marketing tools. The best ones are those that allow their users to post websites and blogs that they like. These websites often tag these links and categorize them. Social bookmarks can be easily shared with a collection of people so  as to promote a brand or company quickly and efficiently. Below is a list of a few great and useful social bookmarking sites many businesses are trying nowadays.

Delicious allows users to submit or post online content which can be educational or fun for the internet population. Tags such as keywords are used to categorize submissions. Delicious also allows users to keep a bookmark of the sites they promote or even subscribe to certain tags. This can become very useful for businesses as they will always be up to date with resources, materials, competition and new trends.

Reddit is similar to Delicious as it is too a social bookmarking site. Once users register they can share sites and information with others through bookmarks. Users can also vote on tags and bookmarks making them more popular than others.

Digg is one of the most popular social networking site today. It lays emphasis on technical fields like science and technology. Digg is very popular amongst people who enjoy conversation and commentary.

Mixx is another very useful social networking site although not very popular. Mixx is filled with useful content like stories and videos. Users can pick a category and find multiple content that can be bookmarked and shared with others.

Lastly, StumbleUpon is a very popular social bookmarking site that many people are using today. It allows persons to surf the web and provide content for the site at the same time. There are also dedicated internet surfers that find interesting and unique websites to share with the internet populace.

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