Monday, January 24, 2011

Podcasts and Marketing

 Establishing credibility is one of the main elements of marketing and branding a business. This is often referred to as expert marketing or brand marketing. Building the reputation of a company can be quite difficult without the proper tools and knowledge. Podcasting is an efficient and effective tool often used to market, brand and popularize a business or concept. Podcasts are also especially useful for persons or businesses who need to create learning content services or products.

Here are 5 ways in which podcasts can successfully market your business:

  1. The nature of podcasts are repetitive. This is its underlying feature as podcasts are usually produced in series. This will help to keep consumers interested in your brand and have your reputation grow over time. Each week or month a new podcast is released. Consumers are able to view these shows over time keeping your business well remembered.
  2. Podcasts also have a welcoming format. People love the informality of them. By implementing this format the probability of your product or service being heard is much higher. Your consumers will also build a liking and comfortable feeling about you and your business through a podcast's personal format.
  3. Podcasts are very flexible. Each video can be either an interview, update, mini-seminar or commentary. Consumers will be more interested with new and unique content each time.
  4. Podcasts are informative and great learning tools. If the value of information is high it will in turn interest your target audience. Each session will have new and informative topics. By keeping the content valuable you will be able to build a great reputation with potential consumers.
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