Friday, January 14, 2011

Effective Tips for Video Marketing

The concept of video marketing is comparatively new as many businesses are now discovering the potential of this very effective marketing tool. There can be both online and offline video marketing. Creating a video nowadays is very easy and almost everyone can do it. An effective video will be able to fetch the attention of old and new consumers hence it it being a very important method of business marketing.
Tips for video marketing

  • Watermarking: Watermarking is an extremely crucial part of video promotion. There are two types of watermarking which consist of visible and invisible watermarking. Once the video is created it should contain a watermark as it will advertise the company’s website and ensure the video is not stolen and used by unauthorized sources. A watermark can be a simple web URL or company name in the top or bottom right or left hand corner of the video. An effective watermark will certainly improve web traffic.
  • SEO based keywords: keywords play a very important role in promoting a business. The title and description of the video should be catchy and SEO certified so that targeted consumers can easily find and watch the video.
  • Social networking sites: Nowadays social networking sites have propagated to a great extent and are also very easy for businesses to reach the common crowd. Therefore uploading marketing videos on these networking sites will definitely lead to great success.
  • Promoting the video link: Thousands of marketing videos are produced everyday therefore reaching the right people could become a daunting task. The video’s link needs to be promoted to various bookmarking sites through blogs and forum postings.

Benefits of video marketing

Video marketing is a very effective tool nowadays. It helps generate and boost web traffic on a site or for a company. The concept of face to face interaction with the provider and the user is considered to be great because it is very easy to promote a product and allows consumers to become familiar with the company. Moreover, this specific marketing tool is also very cheap and does not involve substantial expenditure. 
Video Marketing Tools

There are various products and software that enables businesses to create both professional and attractive videos. One of which is My Video Talk, a highly useful and effective solution for any business. They offer several different products which help businesses and individuals create marketing concepts for their company. For more information visit the My Video Talk website at:

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