Monday, January 17, 2011

All About My Video Talk

My Video Talk operates under the slogan 'Bringing the World Closer Together', and is one of the leading companies in marketing and promotional products for businesses across the world. This service offers products to a list of over 50 different countries, including countries within Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. My Video Talk's services can be found in Qatar, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Kuwait, Spain, Germany, Canada, Puerto Rico, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and even Columbia, just to name a few. For a full list of countries and languages you can visit

But what is My Video Talk all about?

My Video Talk was founded in 2002 and concentrates on the Internet and providing users with easy to use and state of the art software for their video and marketing needs. Now, My Video Talk is one of the most popular e-commerce services and product companies on the internet. They have transformed a simple concept into a multi-national company and still are able to provide these comprehensive and useful products at a very efficient cost. My Video Talk concentrates on bringing the entire world together through communication over the Internet and has made it their mission to provide Internet consumers with innovative products that enable them to do so.

What products does My Video Talk provide?

MyVideoTalk Studio: is a comprehensive and revolutionary product suite which offers consumers several innovative solutions for internet marketing.

  • MyVideoDesigner: is a video email product which helps consumers create, edit and publish attractive and professional video emails.
  • MyVideoBroadcaster: is a useful live video broadcasting tool for the Internet
  • MyVideoWebShow: is an innovative and highly efficient video web show product coming soon to the MyVideoTalk Studio brand.
  • MyVideoChannel: is a program which enables consumers to create custom content for the web including setting up and managing their own video channel.

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