Friday, January 7, 2011

Online Customer Service Options

When marketing a business online it is important to have several customer service options. A business website or online outlet needs to have several customer service options available. For instance, navigating through a webpage may become confusing for some persons. This happens sometimes and it is important to have an option visible for their aid.

Customer Service Options

  1. Help/FAQ section: A help section contains an overview of all the areas of the site, how to navigate through them and how to finish specific tasks.
  2. Live Support (optional): Live Support is completely optional but is a great customer service option for consumers. Instead of filling out a form and emailing it to a company then waiting a few days for a response, Live Support enables consumers to get advice and help in real time. 
  3. Contact Us Section: A contact us section contains a telephone number, business address and email address so clients can get in touch with the company at any time.
  4. Website Map (Site Map): a website map is simple a page that visually maps out all the areas of a website for easy navigation. 

When offering customer service it is important to follow customer service etiquette:
  • Always demonstrate good manners.
  • Make each customer feel as if they are valuable to the company and that their business is much appreciated
  • Empathize and respect customers
  • Listen to their problems and offer effective results. 
A great example of effective customer service can be found at the website:

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