Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sell Your Pottery with My Video Talk

*Each Photo by Kim Berger

If you create pottery you know you can sell it online. You will reach millions of people around the world especially if you advertise the correct way. With My Video Talk you will easily learn all of the tools you can use to get your business noticed.

Show your pottery with live video web shows. You can hold up the pottery or have a photo in the background of your pottery within the video screenshot. My Video Talk’s program makes this so simple for anyone to create. You do not need to be a computer techie to create magnificent live video web shows.

You can share photos and information about your pottery with video emails. Keep your video emails short, sweet and to the point and customers as well as potential customers will keep watching them. When you get people watching your videos they are more then likely to purchase something from you. Make sure the link to your website is included within your video or within the advertising emails.

With My Video Talk you can have your own video channel. You may also have your own video designer. Your pottery business will look extremely professional when you use all of the right tools that My Video Talk has to offer. Your business will be branded just the way you want it to be. Get your pottery business up and running or boost your already started pottery business.

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