Monday, March 7, 2011

Sell Your Art Online with My Video Talk

*Photo credit: FrancesMary Watercolors
If you enjoy painting you may have many paintings sitting around your home. You have given paintings away for birthday gifts, holiday gifts and just because gifts. You have sold a few of your paintings but now they are starting to take over your house. What can you do with all of your paintings? People are always complimenting you on your gorgeous work.

You may be thinking about selling your art online. You are not sure how to go about this. You can get a lot of exposure if you have a program that allows you to send video e-mails. You can talk and show your artwork right in the video! E-mail your friends and family and ask them to kindly forward the e-mails to their friends.

When selling your art online create your own website. You can have a very professional looking website with your own brand. Make your website interactive with live chat. When potential customers ask a question it is very helpful to have it answered as soon as possible. You do not want to ever miss a sale.

Live web shows will give people a chance to look at your art up close and personal. Tell your viewers to grab a soda or a glass of wine and to come on a live web show tour of your gallery. You can give some information about your paintings. Perhaps you do a theme of paintings and you could show one batch at a time. You do not want to make the live web show too long. So one live web show you could show off your black and white paintings. Another live web show you could show off your floral paintings and so on.

When you are looking to sell your art and look professional as well as to get as many viewers as possible, start with a phenomenal program that is available to you. For more information on selling your art successfully online, please visit

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