Monday, June 13, 2011

Sell Your Candles Online

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If you have your own business selling candles you can make a mint when you sell them online. Whether you work for another company that makes candles or if you create your own candles, you can be successful.

To sell your candles online you will need a captivating and professional looking website. A website that will showcase your candles in photos along with the name and price. You want a website that is easy to check-out/pay for your customers.

You could broadcast live video stream and share tips regarding candles. You can send video e-mails with specials on your candles, how to make candles, scents of candles, why soy candles are the best if that is your type of candle, etc. Keep your customers informed via video e-mail and sell more candles.

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With the proper tools you can increase the traffic to your candle website. You can land big jobs such as for weddings or anniversary parties. You could offer candle parties as well as candle fundraisers to make even more money. With the fundraisers you will have a great feeling knowing you are making some money and helping great causes.

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