Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Piano Lessons: New Career

You know that the economy can be tough. You may have lost your job as many teachers are with all of the educational budget cuts. You may wonder what you can do. You make a list of your talents. Playing the piano is one of the talents you have. You think long and hard and decide to offer piano lessons. If you get enough students you can make excellent money. Many piano teachers charge $20.00 per hour. You may even be able to afford to work part-time.

Even with difficult economies, parents want their children to learn how to play the piano. If parents are doing well in their career(s) they will not stop their children from learning.

Playing the piano is excellent as far as learning goes. When children learn how to play the piano they are using different parts of their brain. Piano takes discipline as well so it will teach your child discipline which is another wonderful benefit.

To get the word out that you will be offering piano lessons you need to advertise. You can hang up signs around your town or city. You can advertise on your Facebook and Twitter pages. You can really get noticed if you send a video e-mail, set up a professional looking website, use live stream videos and more! In no time you will have students knocking on your door to take piano lessons with you.

You may want to run periodic offers that if a student’s family finds you another person that wants to take piano lessons, he/she will get a free piano lesson from you.

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