Friday, May 27, 2011

How My Video Talk Got Started to Help You

Mel and Amie Gill created My Video Talk. The Gills have been in the Direct Selling Industry since 1989. From the moment the newly married couple learned about Direct Selling, they knew this could change their lives. The Gills worked hard and their business of Direct Selling went global. Their business grew leaps and bounds in Australia, Thailand, Japan, and Canada. Other areas soon to follow include Europe and Asia.

In October 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Gill became the owners of their own global Direct Selling company. Almost 22 years of experience for the couple in Direct Selling makes them very knowledgeable and able to help others get their business noticed.

The Gills know the power of video e-mails, a professional website that is simple to navigate, having your own channel, live streaming web shows, branding your products and/or services, etc. The couple is passionate to help you get noticed online and make money.

Get started advertising and marketing your products and/or services today. Learn what it feels like to love what you do and make money doing it.

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