Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Power of Video

Think about how many times you sit back and read an advertisement. The advertisement may not keep your attention very long as it must be short and to the point whereas a video speaks volumes.

When one watches a video he or she will get even more out of it. You can see the points quicker and better when it is performed with examples. One can say information and images of powerful words or images of the product or service may be used along with it.

Are you leery of producing your own video? Have no fear. Creating your own video is simple when you have the correct product to help you. You will be able to brand your products and/or service. When you “talk” to your customers and potential customers via video, you are building a trust that is priceless. When people see you a few times they feel like they know you versus only reading about your products and/or service.

Even better is the fact that you can e-mail your videos to your customers and potential customers. The customers will not have to click on a paperclip to view your video. Skip that annoying step and you are more likely to get more views. More views equal more sales for you.

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