Friday, April 15, 2011

How Do You Advertise?

How do you personally advertise your business? As you are aware, many times people advertise with racy photos. It is a well known fact that sex sells. Although this type of advertising does not work for all products. There have been failures.

For example, a new video game that came out did horribly with a photo of a woman in a bra. You need to target the correct audience. You do not try to sell a video game with racy photos when the main audience is young kids. Parents are mainly the people that order the video games for their children. When parents see the racy photos it will most likely turn them away from your video game product. It is better to use photos from the game or of your product.

You can use live web streaming to advertise your product. This is an amazing opportunity to get your information out on the World Wide Web.

Video e-mails are another way to advertise your products and/or services. Your e-mail recipients have not seen anything like this type of advertising. It is fairly new. You can be above all the rest with this magnificent way to advertise and sell your products/services.

You can have your own TV channel to share information on your products. A professional website that is easy to navigate is also included!

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