Monday, December 6, 2010

Information on Using Video to Boost Your Business Online

According to new studies video online is the way to go. You can help to rank your business higher on the Internet if you use video.

How to Use Video
When you own your own business share information about what products and/or services you offer. Explain exactly what it is you sell and use simple terms so each and every person watching understands.

Try not to say that the person watching will become an instant millionaire if they just buy your product. So many people have used that line that it is not trustworthy.

How Often to Use Video
Once or twice a week you can add a video to your blog. If you are sending videos to your customers or potential customers once per week is suffice. In this busy world people do not have a lot of time to watch videos. You do not want people to immediately delete your video once they see it is another long drawn out video yet again. Make sure you get straight to the point and keep your videos under three minutes, two minutes if possible.

Create Your Video
Make your video custom and stand out. High definition will impress your customers and potential customers. Make sure third party advertisers pop-ups do not get in the way of your video. Add your business’s colors and banners to brand your video. You can accomplish all of this with one simple tool-- MyVideoChannel. MyVideoChannel is simple to use and will make a positive impact on your business.

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