Monday, November 15, 2010

Joining MyVideoTalk Package Deals

When joining MyVideoTalk you have the option of choosing a package deal. You may choose the Personal Studio all of the way up to the Business Builder Studio. For each option you get more and more amenities.

If you want to you may opt to try the Personal Studio which will allow you 10 gigabytes of streaming bandwidth. You will have 3 gigabytes of storage. You may create a video up to three minutes long to e-mail. You will have 6 video channel displaying videos. You will be able to brand your e-mails as well as brand your video channel webpage. You can do all of this personally for yourself or for your business.

You also have a choice of the Sampler Studio, Broadcaster Studio, Combo Studio, Basic Studio and Business Builder Studio. If you choose the top of the line Business Builder Studio you will get 60 gigabytes of streaming video and 20 gigabytes of storage. You will get 250 live broadcasting attendees, high quality live video and recording of live video broadcasts--25 to be exact. Do you need to make a video? You will get up to 20 minutes of e-mail recording time to get your message across to potential customers. You also get 30 video channels displayed videos. Branding that is included is live broadcast interface, video e-mails and video channel webpage.

You may choose to start with the smaller package and work your way up when your business takes off. You may opt to start out with one of the packages in between. Or you may decide to go with the state-of-the-art Business Builder Studio and kick off your online business with a bang!

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