Friday, November 19, 2010

Advertise Your Business -Branding

When you are trying to establish your new business you definitely want to advertise. Before you advertise you need to brand your company. You will need to choose a logo, name, slogan and the color or colors you want to use.

Some companies choose a simple symbol/logo as their brand. While other companies add a slogan to go with their brand.

When choosing a brand make sure the product or service grabs the attention of the target customers you want to attract.

When you advertise your brand, you want your brand to be known all over the country and even known all over the world. Brand recognition is what you want to strive for. For example, by looking at the red and white target symbol, you immediately think of the popular store Target. Another example, is the Monster drink symbol. The Monster brand as well as other brands such as Coke, Pepsi, Mt. Dew, etc. sell t-shirts and other items with their brand. By doing so, these companies are getting free advertising.

You may want to have a jingle that goes with your brand. If you are talented you can come up with a catchy jingle for your company. You can also hire a professional to come up with a jingle that will fit your company. Jingles are a great way to get customers to think of your products and/or services.

Once you have your brand, you can start to advertise. You can start with MyVideoTalk. You can easily create videos for potential customers to see and hear. Your webpage will look fantastic with a custom page and your logo, slogan, name and branding colors you chose. Add the jingle so potential customers see and hear a catchy tune to your products/services. Your e-mails and any of the information you give out to potential customers will look professional once you brand your company.

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